Alix CaDavid is a social psychologist. Her research and work interests are in the areas of organizational psychology and the intersection of community development and health promotion approaches.  Alix holds a MA in Social Psychology and a BS in Political Social Work. She is the author of curricula and training modules in the areas of  community development, health promotion,  and social-emotional skills. 

Alix’s professional career has been in the nonprofit sector developing and managing grant-based programs in the area of health and human services.  She has had a distinguished career and proven record  in both,  capacity building and collaborative projects.

As an advocate of social justice causes, Alix has participated in campaigns to improve the well-being of immigrant families and to increase access to basic civil liberties for the LGBT community. Currently, she serves in two boards: the Texas Rural Leadership Program and the Hispanic Health Coalition. 

Alix is known for her work ethics and uncanny ability to deliver results.  She has been described by her colleagues as a problem solver; dedicated and focused; enthusiastic and vivacious; actual and factual; and persistent and caring. 


Alix is also an avid writer of short stories, poems, and articles for online blogs.  

Poem: The Merchant of Tunisia   Article: The Answer to Bully Behavior

To learn more about Alix CaDavid community development projects,  visit  HD Community Building Project 

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